Multimedia in Education. Specialized Trainig Course elaborated by the international working group headed by Prof. Andresen (Denmark) within the framework of the IITE Training Programme.

Полная версия документа [eng]

According to the classification of IITE UNESCO Educational Programme the target audience includes:

  • heads of pre- and in-service teacher training and vocational development institutions;
  • trainers of trainers for ICTs in education;
  • instructional guidance and support specialists;
  • teachers, ICT school coordinators and other educational personnel.

The aims of the specialized training course ‘Multimedia in Education’ are that the target groups construct deep knowledge and high competencies regarding:

  • Why, where and how multimedia can be used in school respectively educational settings;
  • The pedagogical scenario model concerning the mainstream and future use of educational multimedia;
  • Important learning and teaching aspects, in particular teachers’ roles, students’ learning strategies, social/collaborative learning, ICT literacy, metacognition, and motivation;
  • Present educational goals and how educational multimedia can support these goals;
  • Critical and reflective selection and use of educational multimedia according to mainstream scenarios for the use of multimedia in education;
  • Evaluation methods related to the educational use of multimedia.